Since daybreak, the signs to implement change have been a constant, some repeating themselves within the hour, from varied sources, each unsolicited. I hear life knocking, deliveries to be made. Answer, I will!

Despite an older WordPress account/version (displaying/promoting my graphite pencil portraits), this one sets a fresh tone and a newly-plotted course.

The resonating mindset for today is “un-clutter your life!” Yep, I shall oblige. Goodbye all excuses (well, yeah, I’ll try). Without further adieu, so long procrastination. Bon voyage nuisances. Hindrances, I circumvent you all: whether skirting around, tunneling under, catapulting over…or building a door through which I egress, we are not one anymore.

“Hello, fresh slate. Come on in!” And away we go, starting with this introductory blog entry, written in this freshly-minted blog site: stephenowsinski.wordpress.com

From me will be posted musings on things which stir my interests and curiosities; some profoundly, others mildly. Either way, submissions will be heartfelt, researched (yup, I enjoy the verification/discovery process), chock-full of integrity, arrogance-free, from intuitive-based realms, salt-and-peppered with personal/professional experiences. I am entirely receptive to criticism (all I ask is for maturity-laden dialogue).

I am grateful to meet your acquaintance. Enjoy!